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1. Wir wollen unser Herz und unseren Körper trainieren um eine feste und aufrechte geistige Haltung zu erreichen.

2. Wir wollen nach den wahren Grundsätzen der Selbstverteidigung leben, so daß unsere Sinne zur rechten Zeit wachsam sein können.

3. Wir wollen mit aller Kraft um Selbstbeherrschung bemüht sein.

4. Wir wollen unsere Mitmenschen achten, unsere Lehrer respektieren und uns von Gewalttätigkeiten fernhalten.

5. Wir wollen unseren religiösen oder philosophischen Grundsätzen folgen, und nie den wahren Wert der Selbstlosigkeit verkennen.

6. Wir wollen nach Weisheit und Stärke streben, ohne uns durch neidische Wünsche selbst zu verhindern.

7. Mit Hilfe des Karatetrainings wollen wir immer versuchen, unser Dasein nach den wahren Grundsätzen unseres Lebens auszurichten.


Often my students ask me, what kind of qualities are required to make a good black belt. I always say that the way of the Budo-karateka is a long and a hard one. But I have to add that the character of a person is of prime importance.

In order to have a positive character it is necesary to lead a regular life. If you want to become a good karateka, it is necessary to train every day. It is the teacher's duty, just like in the school to note down whether there are not to much non-attendances. It is a must to train 2 hours daily, so in one month you must have done 60 hours of training. I always tell the Uchi Deshi they have to study hard and train well, that is very important. These rules of having certain customs, a schedule, are not only for karate but can be applied to daily life as well.

I belive karate contains 3 main points, 10% are for the activities like camps and championships, 15% is for the power and all the rest is the heart which is of great importance. If you want to follow Kyokushin way, you cannot exclude Summer camp nor Winter camp from your training programme.

But the secret of good karateka lies in his kihon. You have to repeat and repeat the basics because it takes a longe time before you can grasp the meaning of basical techniques. You should train basics daily and not forget to consult books and than you should apply these techniques in your kumite.

50 years ago my teacher told me it takes 3 years to make a proper fist, another 3 years to have a good stance, and another 3 years to have a good punch. Now, after so many years, I came to the conclusion that all my questions are not answered yet.

I respect very much Miyamoto Musashi (a famous Budoka and artist of earlier times). It was him who said that Budo-way is very hard and long, and I can agree with that. Experience is very important, knowledge comes by the years. You do not have to rush, step by step you will learn. A child has to train and study in a child-way and an adult has to do it in an adult-way. Everything depends on the age.

The grading is very important in life, for the person himself, becoming Dan-holder and for Kyokushin organization. It is necessary to work hard to obtain the black belt, but at that very moment the goal is not achieved yet, one can always become stronger. The Kyokushin way is a hard and very long way ...

Masutatsu Oyama (1923 - 1994)

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